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Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take a minute after wrapping presents to wish ALL of you a Very Merry Christmas! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday & make many memories as you enjoy family & close friends on this most special day. I want to say a special Thank You to my followers & those of you that have stopped by, some leaving the best presents of all: positive comments! All of your comments mean the world to me; so keep it up! I’ll be back with more posts after Christmas.

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Great Transformation Happening on the Planet

What follows is an excerpt from Mijanou Montealegre’s 1st article in the Huffington Post (online). She is the founder of   In this article she discusses some of the changes that many are going through now. It is commonly thought that these changes are the beginning of the transformation that we will experience in 2012.

There is a great transformation happening on the planet. Each of us is experiencing it in our own particular way. It is deeply personal, and yet because we are all experiencing it, it is also universal. It is beneficial for us to understand what is happening and be able to see, with an eagle-like vision, our relative experience in the context of the whole, because it affords us not only clarity, but also a sense of belonging.

This transformation that is occurring is an inner stretching of consciousness expanding. We are recalibrating our understanding of reality as individuals and as a collective. We are expanding the boundaries of ourselves and in the process re-defining ourselves in every way. Old understandings, old structures and old patterns are dissolving as clarity and vision are emerging.

Humanity is cracking open into a new understanding of itself. The awareness of the cosmos in its entirety, in its multi-dimensionality as an energetic field of consciousness is starting to slowly seep into the collective mind. We are moving from a reality of separateness toward one of unity.

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Noteworthy Quotes:

Life is the hyphen between matter and spirit.  ~Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, 1827

I’ve learned never to be surprised if what must inevitably happen happens right now.  ~Robert Brault,

Everything that occurs in your life is part of God‘s plan to wake you up.  ~Leonard Jacobson

Situated in some nebulous distance I do what I do so that the universal balance of which I am a part may remain a balance.  ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin

In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.  ~Charlie Brown


Don’t forget to read the rest of  Mijanou Montealegre’s article HERE

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Let it snow: Google’s hidden Xmas treasures

Here’s a few seasonal twists recently added to Google Search. (Courtesy of Steve Woods at Techmorati):

In your Firefox or Google Chrome browser, visit Google’s Search page and perform a search of the words Let it snow to see a cascade of snow fall from the top of the browser window, rapidly filling up (and fogging up) your display. The effect is most prominent if you go full screen (typically F11 on your PC keyboard – you’ll have to manually zoom on a Mac.)

Use your mouse to wipe the snow away, or wait for your screen to become obscured enough for a Defrost button to appear, clearing it all up. Could I have one of those buttons for my car, please?

So far, I have not seen the snow fall effect work on Internet Explorer or Safari (Are there Scrooges at Redmond and Cupertino standing by, ready to ruin my Google Christmas fun?)

Performing a search for “Hanukkah” or “Christmas Lights” will provide a nice string of Stars of David to decorate your search results.

Try out Santa Claus or Christmas Lights to get an old-fashioned string of lights instead. These low-tech options should work on all browsers.


For the rest of Steve’s article & a link to a more complete list of Google’s hidden treasures check out:

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U.S. Post Office Bans Christmas Carolers


Apparently this news is nearly a week old, but I missed it! I don’t know how. I must have gone to get a drink, or something, at every airing of the news that day.  

The following is a preview of the article written by Todd Starnes at Fox News & Commentary:    

A group of Christmas carolers was thrown out of a U.S. Post Office in Silver Spring, MD, after the post office manager told them they were not allowed to sing Christmas carols on government property.

A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service confirmed the incident occurred Saturday at a branch office in the Aspen Hill Shopping Center. A trio of carolers walked into the building dressed in attire reminiscent of Charles Dickens and began singing.

“They were only a few notes into their carol when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a scowling postal manager rushing to confront the carolers,” said JP Duffy, who was standing in a line with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

Duffy, who also happens to be a staff member of the Family Research Council, said he was stunned by what happened next.

“He told them that they had to leave immediately because they were violating the post office’s policy against solicitation,” Duffy said. “He told them they couldn’t do this on government property. He said: ‘You can’t go into Congress and sing and you can’t do it here either.’

A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service’s Capital Metro Area said the carolers had “beautiful voices” but were told they could not perform in the lobby.

“Public assembly and public address, except when conducted or sponsored by the Postal Service, are prohibited in lobbies and other interior areas open to the public,” the spokesperson told Fox News & Commentary.

“We have rules and regulations governing conduct on postal property,” the spokesman said. “The only reason you should be inside is for postal business.”

The carolers explained that they had been performing at businesses in the shopping center for several years – including the post office – and they’ve never encountered any problems. But the post office employee refused to budge and ordered them to leave. 

You can read the article in its entirety HERE . I’m hoping you’ll come back here and share your opinions here and we can get some good discussions going here. I’d love to know what you make of this.


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“I don’t know what to do about Christmas!”

eat as much as you can
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A young married woman called me today & said, “I don’t know what to do about Christmas!” She went on to tell me that they had gifts for the babies since she’d put them on lay-a-way earlier this fall. But she asked what she was going to do about all the relatives outside of their household. She was absolutely distraught! She had expected to have enough money just before Christmas to pull this off, but they’d encountered some unexpected expenses & now she just didn’t know what she was going to do.

We talked about all of those people she was so concerned about. The first people she mentioned were her mom & dad. (Your Mom & Dad? Are you kidding me?) I said that her mom & dad probably already knew what their financial situation is like, so why was she worrying about them? Other than, she always worries about what people think & I mean everyone! Otherwise why would they be the first people who came to mind? She did agree that they knew what was going on & they wouldn’t really be upset. She just felt bad.

I suggested that she bring them some of those mouth-watering cookies & goodies that she makes every year. “Okay!” she exclaims. But what about her brother-in-laws? Well, the one brother-in-law is only getting about 14 hours a week at work, I told her, & that I doubted that he was buying much for Christmas either other than for his two children. After she thought about that for a moment, she heartily agreed & said, “Good! Cookies for him too!”

Now on to the other brother-in-law….  “He has a great job, makes good money, so what about him?” I told her that would be a problem except for the fact that this brother is almost totally supporting the other brother!  I don’t think he has a lot to spend this year either. “I knew that, but I never thought of it that way,” she says. “Well then, Cookies for him too! Do you think he would like that?” I told her that since he is single & no one makes him cookies & all the goodies, I think he would be thrilled! By the time she got off the phone she was much relieved & quite excited about planning all the goodies she could make.

English: Christmas cookies (Left to right, top...

(Gosh, I hope she sends some my way!)

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Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman!

i love you letter

Image by MAGIC CHARM GRAFIX via Flickr

How about if we, every now and then, instead of sending an e-mail or a text, we were to send an old-fashion letter to a loved one? Wouldn’t that be so special? We live in such a fast-paced world, and feel so comfortable using the computer and other devices to send e-mails, texts, and the like. When you send an e-mail all you have to do is point and click or hit enter; but many people desire more.

So, for the moment, let us forget all those fancy fonts, emoticons, and abbreviations. The people to whom we write live in a physical world, not a virtual one. They want something they can actually hold in their hands. They want to open the letter, hold it, smell it. Often touching the ink or pencil marks lets the reader feel closer to the writer.

A crayoned picture from a child smells special; no scanner can compare. The receiver can hold the picture in his or her hands and use it in so many ways. Putting it up on the refrigerator or bulletin board, it can be enjoyed every day and serves as a loving reminder. If a child sends a letter, they can see how the child’s handwriting is improving as they grow.

Another time to consider sending something special by post is during the Holiday Season, birthdays, and other important events in your loved ones life. Nothing is more fun than the Holidays. There are so many beautiful cards, some even let you record your greeting in your own voice or that of your children. During this time one can order “Letters from Santa” for baby’s first Christmas, older children, and even pets. Many are truly works of art suitable for framing or putting in the Baby Book.

Whether you write the letter yourself or utilize one of the ideas mentioned above, not much compares to the joy of going to your mailbox and discovering that you have something besides bills, sale ads, and junk mail. Everyone, whether you are three or ninety-three, experiences the joy of getting “snail-mail” from a loved one. So give your loved ones the real thing, one that exists in time and space, something that they will cherish rather than merely delete.

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