Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman!

i love you letter

Image by MAGIC CHARM GRAFIX via Flickr

How about if we, every now and then, instead of sending an e-mail or a text, we were to send an old-fashion letter to a loved one? Wouldn’t that be so special? We live in such a fast-paced world, and feel so comfortable using the computer and other devices to send e-mails, texts, and the like. When you send an e-mail all you have to do is point and click or hit enter; but many people desire more.

So, for the moment, let us forget all those fancy fonts, emoticons, and abbreviations. The people to whom we write live in a physical world, not a virtual one. They want something they can actually hold in their hands. They want to open the letter, hold it, smell it. Often touching the ink or pencil marks lets the reader feel closer to the writer.

A crayoned picture from a child smells special; no scanner can compare. The receiver can hold the picture in his or her hands and use it in so many ways. Putting it up on the refrigerator or bulletin board, it can be enjoyed every day and serves as a loving reminder. If a child sends a letter, they can see how the child’s handwriting is improving as they grow.

Another time to consider sending something special by post is during the Holiday Season, birthdays, and other important events in your loved ones life. Nothing is more fun than the Holidays. There are so many beautiful cards, some even let you record your greeting in your own voice or that of your children. During this time one can order “Letters from Santa” for baby’s first Christmas, older children, and even pets. Many are truly works of art suitable for framing or putting in the Baby Book.

Whether you write the letter yourself or utilize one of the ideas mentioned above, not much compares to the joy of going to your mailbox and discovering that you have something besides bills, sale ads, and junk mail. Everyone, whether you are three or ninety-three, experiences the joy of getting “snail-mail” from a loved one. So give your loved ones the real thing, one that exists in time and space, something that they will cherish rather than merely delete.

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