“I don’t know what to do about Christmas!”

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A young married woman called me today & said, “I don’t know what to do about Christmas!” She went on to tell me that they had gifts for the babies since she’d put them on lay-a-way earlier this fall. But she asked what she was going to do about all the relatives outside of their household. She was absolutely distraught! She had expected to have enough money just before Christmas to pull this off, but they’d encountered some unexpected expenses & now she just didn’t know what she was going to do.

We talked about all of those people she was so concerned about. The first people she mentioned were her mom & dad. (Your Mom & Dad? Are you kidding me?) I said that her mom & dad probably already knew what their financial situation is like, so why was she worrying about them? Other than, she always worries about what people think & I mean everyone! Otherwise why would they be the first people who came to mind? She did agree that they knew what was going on & they wouldn’t really be upset. She just felt bad.

I suggested that she bring them some of those mouth-watering cookies & goodies that she makes every year. “Okay!” she exclaims. But what about her brother-in-laws? Well, the one brother-in-law is only getting about 14 hours a week at work, I told her, & that I doubted that he was buying much for Christmas either other than for his two children. After she thought about that for a moment, she heartily agreed & said, “Good! Cookies for him too!”

Now on to the other brother-in-law….  “He has a great job, makes good money, so what about him?” I told her that would be a problem except for the fact that this brother is almost totally supporting the other brother!  I don’t think he has a lot to spend this year either. “I knew that, but I never thought of it that way,” she says. “Well then, Cookies for him too! Do you think he would like that?” I told her that since he is single & no one makes him cookies & all the goodies, I think he would be thrilled! By the time she got off the phone she was much relieved & quite excited about planning all the goodies she could make.

English: Christmas cookies (Left to right, top...

(Gosh, I hope she sends some my way!)

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