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Cleaning Up Your Disk Drives in Windows

Here is a great article from OReilly Media about cleaning up your disk drives on Windows Vista. There are articles for other versions of Windows too. My computer had been running really, really slow and I was looking for some direction as far as getting rid of unnecessary files on my computer. This is one of the tools I used to do that. I also used Advanced System Care Ultimate 6 to uninstall unwanted programs and features, which has the added advantage of doing a registry scan for leftover bits of pieces of these files that often get left in the registry and just clutter up your registry and simply take up space.

Cleaning Up Your Disk Drives in Windows Vista – OReilly Media.

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Let it snow: Google’s hidden Xmas treasures

Here’s a few seasonal twists recently added to Google Search. (Courtesy of Steve Woods at Techmorati):

In your Firefox or Google Chrome browser, visit Google’s Search page and perform a search of the words Let it snow to see a cascade of snow fall from the top of the browser window, rapidly filling up (and fogging up) your display. The effect is most prominent if you go full screen (typically F11 on your PC keyboard – you’ll have to manually zoom on a Mac.)

Use your mouse to wipe the snow away, or wait for your screen to become obscured enough for a Defrost button to appear, clearing it all up. Could I have one of those buttons for my car, please?

So far, I have not seen the snow fall effect work on Internet Explorer or Safari (Are there Scrooges at Redmond and Cupertino standing by, ready to ruin my Google Christmas fun?)

Performing a search for “Hanukkah” or “Christmas Lights” will provide a nice string of Stars of David to decorate your search results.

Try out Santa Claus or Christmas Lights to get an old-fashioned string of lights instead. These low-tech options should work on all browsers.


For the rest of Steve’s article & a link to a more complete list of Google’s hidden treasures check out:

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