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How Many Beatings Did He Get In 1 Week?

That question was asked of 3rd graders at a Georgia elementary school as part of a  Math assignment.

Yup, this is really a question from a 3rd grade math assignment.

Here’s a picture of the actual question:

A teacher at Beaver Ridge Elementary School in Norcross, Georgia allegedly included this question, and others referring to slaves picking cotton and oranges, in her homework assignment for her 3rd graders. And surprise, surprise-parents are not happy.

Well, I would not be happy either.  In my opinion, this is just so very inappropriate.

The original post asked if this question was racist.  Since this assignment included other questions about slaves picking cotton & oranges, I would think so. But irregardless of Frederick’s race, he should not have been being beaten in the first place!  Should 3rd graders be exposed to such things? Perhaps to learn about slavery (I think taught to an older class would be better), but presented as the unjust & cruel mistake that it was. I don’t think we need to draw 3rd grader’s attention to beatings & such.  What would ever possess someone, especially a teacher, to put a question like this to paper for an assignment? This teacher not only put it on paper, but asked it of 3rd graders, who if I remember right, are about 8 yrs old.

I cannot believe that this has not gotten more attention than it has.

To read more, go here:     Is This Homework Assignment Racist? | Parenting – Yahoo! Shine.

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